Defy Teaser-Danny Harf first glimpse

August 25th, 2009
Danny Harf starts DEFY this week!

Danny Harf on his personal playground!

BFY Announces Partnership with Harf

It is hammer time on the set of DEFY. Danny has been stomping some major tricks and we are heading into the premier full steam!

DEFY is being shot in HD and will feature Super 16mm, Phantom, Red “Epic”, and more. Go to our fanpage on facebook to follow our daily blog!

We have been shooting a bunch already and our cast is as solid as could be. DEFY now includes, Danny Harf, Benny G, Rusty Malinoski, Shane Bonifay, Parks Bonifay, Shawn Watson, Kevin Henshaw, Dean Smith, Jimmy Lariche, Chad Sharpe, and more.

***DEFY is scheduled for a late summer 2011 release!!!

Keep checking back for teasers and photo sessions from DEFY.

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14 Responses to “Defy Teaser-Danny Harf first glimpse”

  1. justin says:

    looks sweet dude! nice angles.

  2. kopp says:

    whens DEFY gonna be released?!

  3. Facebook User says:

    Update on release:

    Danny and I are pretty excited about our plans for this video and that is why we are pushing for a 2011 early spring release. We want to do the most that we can next summer and have the next fall to finish things strong. It will be worth the wait for those of you who are excited about this release. DEFY drops spring 2011!!!
    thank you,
    Sean Kilgus

  4. Tyler says:

    Hey Sean what lake were you on for the Defy teaser? I heard that the lake is in Clermont, which is where i live but I cant seem to find it.

  5. Cant wait looks so sick!

  6. flavissima says:

    amazing……..perfect… sick.
    i remember that…..

  7. Rance Poehler says:

    Looks sick typical BFY productions video, you can only expect the best from those guys. Add D. Harf into anything and the results will always be great. And just for the record Ben Greenwood doesnt get enough respect he kills it everytime.

  8. ashton dunbar says:

    dude so so rad cannot wait for this so rad

  9. Great quality video!! The helicopter shots are amazing!! Will be in contact.


  10. karel löfler says:

    Wish for an autograph

    Dear mr. Harf
    I´m a great fan of you and therefore I would be very happy,if you could send me two hand signes pictures of you.I would be very pleased if you could fulfill my wishes.Many thanks in advance for your kindess.Success may Always be at your.
    Yours sincerly, Karel Löfler

    Karel Löfler
    17.listopadu 798
    czech republic

  11. Brad says:

    When is this getting released? Is there a date besides summer 2011? Why did it get held back? Looks awesome!

  12. Jereme says:

    When will this movie be sold! and where can i order it?

  13. Facebook User says:

    hey we are working on a buy now and pre order for defy as we speak. Should be up this week. Thanks for being so patient with us Jereme.

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