The Miracle Man-Brandon Robins

Brandon Robins "The Miracle Man" photo Bryan Myss

This past summer I received some truly tragic news from our friends back home in Washington. They told me that our good friend and fellow wakeboarder, Brandon Robins was in a tragic motorcycle accident. I was immediately on the phone trying to find out what happened and how our boy was doing. Brandon spent the next 2 weeks in an induced coma and the prognosis wasn’t good. Brandon had lost his leg below the knee, his pinky, had also suffered many other injuries such as a broken pelvis and other internal injuries. ¬†All the latter news seemed insignificant compared to the fact he had such a serious head injury to deal with. Brandon stunned us all especially the doctors with the most amazing and speedy recovery they had seen.

Brandon Rider Bio's

He beat the odds by a long shot and was so inspired to heal quickly, he did just that. I went and visited Brandon when I got home from Florida and he was at home in recovery mode by then and already showing off his skills and injuries. Here is a kid who was already such an amazing person and then suffers this horrible loss and when you see him, you are the one who leaves feeling blessed and inspired. Since that time, Brandon has been on a path to serious recovery. Brandon has the most amazing network of friends and family surrounding him through his recovery process especially his fiancee, Krissy Kriens.

Brandon and his biggest support, fiancee Krissy Kriens

He went snow skiing only months after the accident which was about a year ahead of schedule and already planning a wakeboard trip to Florida to see us and go ride with pro’s! Check out these videos of Brandon and see why Brandon is truly, “The Miracle Man”.

See Brandon in WIT’s ONE EYE SHUT Trailer by Spencer Norris

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Special Thanks: Brandon Robins for living life to the fullest! Zack Clark and Greg Young at Northwest Riders Clothing, Bryan Myss, and Bake’s