Aaron Reed and Scott Byerly-The Butter Effect 2005

September 17th, 2009


Aaron and Scott wakeskate

Aaron and Scott Wakeskate


When I first started wakeboarding years back, Scott Byerly was the rider who really began the freerider movement. With super stylish moves and constantly inventing the sport. After years of pushing it in wakeboarding, Scott turned his pursuits to wakeskating and to pushing himself and growing the sport. The way I met Aaron was back in the early days of my videos for My Side(2003). Aaron was by far one of funniest people I had met and he was pushing wakeskating like never seen before. Aaron asked me if he and Scott could share a wakeskate section and of course I said YES! Aaron got Scott’s blessing and away we went. This section was one of the first of its kind. 2 pioneers in one section!

shot in 16mm film


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