Defy Day 1-Sneak Peak-Sept 29th, 2009 9:24am

September 29th, 2009


Danny delivery service

Danny delivers

Okay. This is how it went down. Parks is driving, Benny G is filming from the boat. Shane and Jimmy are riding shotgun. Henshaw, Me, and Jason Lee are on the beach taking in the magic. Danny cuts out. cuts in. Crack’s off a 1080 first try! That’s right. While most of us were shaking the cobwebs off our bones, Danny hits double ups. See, this is what I am talking about. Danny is the rider. Now is the time. Defy is the movie.

-Sean Kilgus/BFY

Check back! more happening this week!

Shot by Benny G and Edited in HD by: Sean Kilgus

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