Shawn Watson-The Butter Effect 2005

September 21st, 2009


Shawn Watson aka Napolean Dynamite

Shawn Watson aka Napolean Dynamite

Shawn Watson is the man! We had the best time filming for this movie. When we were on the road filming for Butter, Napolean Dynamite was just hitting theatres. Immediately we saw a striking resemblance between that character and Watson. We ran with it. So funny! Got him a sweet suit and got him a corsage to take to the dance. It was the best! Not only was that a pretty funny addition to the movie, but Watson killed it! I love when I get a chance to film with him no matter for what project. I always find a way to include him in my projects even when he is committed to another. Look for Watson showing his sweet do in Danny’s new movie DEFY! due out next summer.

shot on 16mm film

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