Our First 16mm Shoot-Wa. 2004-Lyman, Starr, Adkison, and Sanders

October 21st, 2009
Keith strapping in on 16mm film

Keith strapping in on 16mm film

This little video was the first Teaser for “The Butter Effect”, which was released in 2005.  This was the first time I had shot and edited 16mm film together, which changed my whole editing style. The footage was so real and organic, it changed how I looked through the camera. My friend Justin Stephens told me way back when that film would change me and he was right. We shot this entire piece on Lake Cushman in Washington state. There are more clips like these coming your way! This segment features Keith Lyman, Brent Starr, Andrew Adkison, Daniel Watkins, and Josh Sanders.

Shot in true 16mm film and edited to the sweet sounds of Radiohead.

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