Danny Harf 1080 from his BroStock winning double up set-DEFY

July 15th, 2010

Danny on podium after BROSTOCK Win! photo Danny EVANS

Danny is on fire right now which is awesome considering he is mid session on our new movie DEFY, due out next spring.  Danny threw down a serious double up set in Brostock this past weekend with ts bs 7, ts bs 5, and sw ts 1080. Danny is riding 3 sets a day right now with Rusty and is better than ever. We are heading to Radar Lake this coming August with Parks, Ruck, Adam, and Chad. Sure to be insane! Ronix team leader Paul O’brien has promised an unbelievable amount of amazing stunts and rails. Co-captain Jason Standley of Ronix is the man with the design and building up some sick stuff. DEFY is in full swing so keep checking back on bfyproductions.com and Ronixwake.com for more on DEFY and Danny!

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